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The secrets of people with organised homes

Achieving an organised home requires efficient habits and conscious decision-making. We’re about to explore and reveal the secrets of organised homes. Together with your smart storage solutions from Easylife Kitchens Table View, your home is about to be the most organised it has ever been!

Quick Decision-Making

Organised homeowners are always making quick decisions, when it comes to purchasing new décor pieces and to donating older items. This assists when it comes to having three of the same vase when you only use one!


Having designated donations bins for items that are ready to be donated, you’ll find clutter won’t pile up as quickly and your seasonal donation process will be a breeze!

Electronic Storage for Media and Recipes

In an organised home, digital storage is key. Embrace cloud storage and digital platforms for music, movies, books, and recipes. Convert physical copies into digital format to optimise space and reduce clutter.

Clothing & Accessories

By continuously assessing your wardrobe and letting go of items you no longer wear or love, you’ll find your bedroom organisation will quickly be taken to a new level!

Regular Decluttering of the Pantry and Fridge

Maintaining an organised kitchen involves regular decluttering. Dispose of expired items and donate unused non-perishable goods. Group similar items together, use clear containers, and regularly reassess the contents to promote efficient meal planning.

Mindful Purchases 

It’s easy to purchase every item of clothing or décor piece that looks beautiful, but by being mindful of what you purchase, you’ll soon find that living a minimalist is easy.

Putting Things Away

Develop the habit of putting things away immediately. When you tidy as you go, you’ll find yourself saving time and preventing clutter from accumulating.

Are you ready for smart storage that will go hand in hand with the above secrets? Visit Easylife Kitchens Table View – https://easylife-tableview.co.za/contact-us/

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