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Preparing Your Kitchen for a Remodel

Remodelling your kitchen is no small task. Having to deal with the dirt and dust around your home is not ideal, however, it is completely worth the mess and construction noise when you are finally able to enjoy a meal with your friends and family which was prepared in your new kitchen!

These are a few simple steps that you can follow to effectively prepare your kitchen for a remodel with guidance from Easylife Kitchens Table View design consultants. 

Empty your Cupboards

Whether you are simply repainting or doing a full revamp, you should always clear out your kitchen cupboards. This is a great help for the installers as well as reduces the risk of damaged crockery and debris pile-up. This is therefore the perfect time to clean out your cabinetry and get rid of unused or unwanted cutlery and crockery which may be taking up valuable space. 

Empty the Space

While not as tedious as cleaning out cabinets, you should still remove all furniture, paintings, and rugs from the space in which the remodel is taking place. Clear your countertops, ensure all drawers have been emptied, and try to avoid the space for the duration of the remodel. Avoiding this space will allow the professionals to do their job and also prevent dirt and dust tracks from entering the clean spaces in your home.

Safely Store Your New Cabinets

When the big day comes around and it’s time for your new cupboards to arrive on-site, it is best to safely and securely store them in a garage or spacious room where they are out of harm’s way. If a garage is not an option, you can always re-arrange the furniture in a living or dining room to make place for the new additions until they are installed.  

You Can Stay at Home During the Remodelling Process

During the installation and remodelling process, it is entirely possible to stay at your home. It is advised that you steer clear of the working area so that you do not interrupt the process as well as to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Meal Arrangements

When your kitchen is out-of-bounds, where do you meal-prep? There are a few options, such as setting up a temporary kitchen by moving your refrigerator and microwave to another room. On the days when you do not feel like cooking, allow space in your budget for some take-outs during the time of your remodel.

What Happens to your Appliances?

If you are planning on keeping your appliances, you should carefully move them to another room where they cannot be damaged. If you have ordered brand-new appliances to go with your new kitchen, then we recommend that you coordinate that they are delivered and or installed once the remodel has been completed. Always ensure that you know the correct and accurate dimensions to ensure that they will fit in the new layout. 


Pets can be easily frightened by new people and loud sounds in their homes. It is best to keep them away from the project so that they are not affected by all the movement and changes. Keep your beloved pets in a separate area in your home or you can allow them to stay at a friend’s house for the time being.

We hope that these tips can help to put your mind at ease – whether you’re about to embark on the remodelling journey or currently undergoing the design process. 

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