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Elevate Your Living Space With These Trends 

If you’re planning to update your living room, there are certain features that can make a big impact. At Easylife Kitchens Table View, we’ve gathered the must-have living space trends that will ensure you enhance this room in your home!

Connect To Nature

Having a connection to the outdoor spaces in your living room with assist in expanding the space, maximising natural light, and offer great views. Take it one step further and opt for stackable doors that lead out to your braai or entertainment area. 


Durable and stain-resistant fabric is a must-have in a living room, especially for families with kids or pets. These fabrics protect your furniture against stains and stand up to a family’s lifestyle where you can actually enjoy the space! 


Comfortable furniture is essential in a living room. Soft fabrics, deep cushions, and rounded edges offer a welcoming ambience.

Multiple Seating Options

Multiple seating options such as couches, occasional chairs, ottomans, and armchairs are important to accommodate family members and guests. Incorporate pieces that can be moved around easily for when you have a group of people around. 

Large Area Rug

An area rug helps anchor the living room and provides a jumping-off point for building a colour palette. Opt for an oversized custom or vintage rug that can accommodate all four feet of a living room’s furniture.


A fireplace is an excellent feature that creates ambience and provides a captivating focal point to arrange furniture around. 


Built-in cabinets offer custom storage and display space while creating a finished look. Speak to our design consultants about all your built-in needs and how we can transform your living space!

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan creates connection and maintains openness between the living spaces, making it easier to spend time with family and guests. Use furniture arrangement, ceiling treatments, and partial walls to create the feeling of separation between spaces while maintaining openness.

Whether you’re looking for a small or full living space remodel, chat to Easylife Kitchens Table View to start your design journey: https://easylife-tableview.co.za/contact-us/

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