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Bathroom Paint: What To Know Before You Buy 

A fresh coat of paint is such an easy way to transform your bathroom! However, ensuring you choose the right bathroom paint isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. At Easylife Kitchens Table View, we have been part of our fair share of bathroom makeovers and are here to share everything you need to know about bathroom paint before you make the purchase!

Moisture Resistant

Bathrooms are naturally humid spaces, making moisture-resistant paint a must. Look for labels like ‘bathroom’ or ‘kitchen’ that offer additional resistance to mold, mildew, and moisture damage. These paints tend to have added protection to ensure your bathroom stays fresh and clean. 

Easy Clean 

Bathrooms are hotspots for spills and splashes – Making it even more vital to opt for a paint that’s easy to clean and easy to wipe down. Semi-gloss and satin finishes are great for the bathroom as they add to the moisture resistance, and can be easily cleaned while maintaining a pristine appearance. 

Colour Hues

While you might be tempted to go all out and choose a bold colour, be wary that bathrooms are generally small spaces and neutral colours should be used. If you still want to be bold, consider making your cabinets, cornices, or accessories a bold colour.

Test Swatches

Just like any other room, lighting can change the way your colour looks. Before committing to a shade, test it in natural as well as artificial lighting to ensure you are happy with the colour.

Prep Is Vital 

Proper preparation is vital to successful painting! Before painting, ensure your bathroom walls are clean and dry, and remove any existing pain that is flaking or peeling. You can even use a primer to create a smooth surface before you dive in with your paint. 

Quality Matters

Investing in good quality paint is worth it in the long run. Quality paint will not only provide better coverage but is also more durable and long-lasting. Opt for a reputable brand with a specific bathroom range. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you can confidently choose the perfect paint for your new bathroom! Should you need any further design assistance, reach out to Easylife Kitchens Table View today: https://easylife-tableview.co.za/contact-us/

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